Wearing Male Chastity Cock Cage with Pride


I love wearing my male chastity cock cage every chance I can get. I will go days and days without ever taking it off because of the control that I feel while I have it on. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world for me to get used to in the beginning, though. I would wear it for a few hours and have to take it off because I was so self-conscious about having a cage on my cock. I just knew that everyone around me could see that I was wearing something strange under my pants and that started making me a bit paranoid.

Of course the longer I wore my male chastity cock cage the less paranoia I felt and I was able to put those thoughts out of my mind. Now I wear my cage and never even consider the fact that others may notice it. If they do notice it and ask me about it, then I will tell them freely what it is I am wearing and why. Of course, that never happens. Most people don’t notice anything that isn’t blatantly placed before their eyes these days anyway.

After I got used to wearing my male chastity cock cage, I wasn’t worried about what others might think about me. I am happy living the life I have and what they think of me doesn’t really matter. I would like it if everyone was accepting of things like this, but that probably isn’t going to happen. So I go on living my life with a smile on my face and a cage over my cock, knowing that I am experiencing something that others will never understand. It kind of makes me feel special in some ways and gives me even more reasons to continue to enjoy wearing my chastity cage.


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Adjusting to a Male Chastity Cock Cage



One of the hardest things a beginner to the male chastity lifestyle may experience is adjusting to wearing a male chastity cock cage all the time. When you’re not used to having something locked around your cock even for a few minutes, it can become a real challenge to have this cage on for days, weeks and even months at a time. That’s why men must make sure that they are getting a cage that will fit properly and comfortably. If both of these instructions are followed, then it will be quite possible to find a cage that will eventually become easy to wear and tolerate for long periods of time.


When you get that first cage, it is highly advisable to wear it in the privacy of your home at first. In that way, your male chastity cock cage will become a natural part of your body a lot faster. In addition, if you plan to be wearing the cage out in public to such places as your job, it is important that you don’t appear to walking oddly. Your goal is to be able to walk as you normally do while still wearing your cock cage. To work up to this point, you should start by wearing it alone. Once you’ve become accustomed to the way it feels on your body as you move around, you can add something like your underwear or a swimsuit. What you want to do is move into your clothing gradually. By then, you will, hopefully, be able to adapt your gait to the cage.


While you may worry that adjusting to a male chastity cock cage will be difficult, most men find that it really isn’t as bad as they had expected. In fact, there are some men that are so careful to get the perfect size cage for their penises that they never experience one second of discomfort. They put on their cages and, within an hour or so, they’re already wearing slacks or jeans and are able to go out in public with no issues at all.


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Male Chastity Cock Cage

Wearing a male chastity cock cage can be a difficult thing to admit to wanting to do these days. Most guys would rather walk around with their cocks flopping about in front of everyone, but wearing a cage that keeps it under control is not something they would find appealing. You need to break the mold of what a man is according to what society seems to think and become the man you know you want to be. If people don’t understand why you want to wear a chastity cage then don’t let them know that you have one on if you can help it.

Sometimes wearing a male chastity cock cage is more important to the guy wearing it than the thoughts of the people around him. You need to decide on your own that you can live your life in a manner that you are happy with. That whole free will thing means that you can choose how you want to live and some guys choose to wear a chastity device. I just happen to be one of those guys and I couldn’t care less about what anyone else might think about my decision to be happy.

Take a look at some of the male chastity cock cages that are online and you will probably find one that you really want to try out. Once you start wearing something like this you will realize that you have been missing out on all kinds of interesting things in your life. It’s not just about the control, or keeping yourself from getting an erection, but the feeling you get when you realize that there is more to you and your life than just an erection. It truly is a freeing experience even though you are locking your cock inside a small metal cage.

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Gaining the Right Mindset to Wear a Male Chastity Cock Cage


When it comes to wearing a male chastity cock cage, there are a couple of things that you might want to think about. The first one is that this is a decision you have made for yourself, usually, and not anyone else. Granted, there may be some guys in the world that feel they are forced to wear one of these items, but it is still your decision on whether or not you are going to actually wear it. If you don’t feel comfortable in something like this, then it’s not going to be all that much fun for you.

The second thing about wearing a male chastity cock cage that you need to keep in mind is the comfort level that you want to experience. Some guys out there don’t give a wit about their comfort when they have something like this on so they will usually go for the more advanced cages that are available. Comfort means that they aren’t experiencing the sensations that they have been looking for all of their lives, but a lot of guys want that kind of comfort when they first lock themselves away in a small metal cage like this.

If you can come to the conclusion that you are the most important part of wearing a male chastity cock cage, then you will enjoy your experience more than you ever could have imagined. Some guys look at things like this as nothing more than toys to play with, and that is fine. But the guys that are wearing them in order to change their lives for the better know that it is their own mindset that will allow them to have that change. Keeping these two things in mind will help you pick out the best cage for your needs and show you that you can accomplish anything in your life.

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Telling Others about My Male Chastity Cock Cage


Wearing a male chastity cock cage is something that I am extremely proud to do. While there are a lot of guys that are probably wearing these items on a regular basis, most of them aren’t going to come out and tell anyone how great they are. I can understand the need to keep something like this a secret because of the ridicule they might attract, but I have chosen to accept that ridicule and live my life without it bothering me. I feel people should know how great these items are and the only way they will find out is if I tell them.

Most of the people in my life that find out I am wearing a male chastity cock cage don’t quite know what to say at first. I tell them that I live a chaste lifestyle and they think I am just talking about not having sex with anyone. They don’t understand that I am locking my cock up inside a cage to make sure that I am not even getting erections. When I explain it to them, there is a mixture of confusion and revulsion that spreads across their face, it is actually quite amusing for me to see.

Some of them want to see my male chastity cock cage and others would prefer not to even think about it anymore. The ones that want to see it actually ask intelligent questions about the cage and the ones that don’t want to see it simply ignore everything. They don’t want to hear about it in the least and prefer to walk around blissfully ignorant of what I have on under my pants. Either way you look at it, letting them know about my decision to wear a cage makes me feel better and shows me what kind of person they are.

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Male Chastity Cock Cage and Adjustments


Wearing my male chastity cock cage throughout the day has been a very exciting thing for me over the last couple of years. I never really thought it would be all that difficult to wear something like this, but that first week or so was pretty strange. It seemed like everything I tried to do led to me getting pinched and twisted in ways I had never wanted to experience. But once you get used to your cage, you shouldn’t have those problems anymore; at least with the common things that you do during the day.

I still have some issues with the way my male chastity cock cage fits when I am doing things that I don’t normally do. For example, I went to the gym the other day and had a friend convince me to try the rock climbing wall. Wearing a harness over the cock cage was something I had never prepared myself for and I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it very long. Thankfully, I’m not all that good at rock climbing so I was able to quit fairly quickly and laugh about the situation.

If you are new to wearing a male chastity cock cage, then you are probably going to find some activities rather uncomfortable at first, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your cage. Just make sure that you take things a bit slower than you normally would when you first start wearing your cage and you should do just fine. Of course if it becomes too difficult to wear while you are doing something fun and exciting, then you might want to try to take the thing off until you are comfortable with wearing it. I have had to do that a couple of times myself and it’s probably not something you can easily avoid.


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My Wife’s Idea of a Male Chastity Cock Cage


My wife forced me to wear my first ever male chastity cock cage as she wanted to try out something different. She thought that things in the bedroom had gone downhill over the last few years and felt that we needed to spice things up in order to rekindle the passion. I came up with all kinds of ideas of things we could do and she decided it would be best if I wore a chastity device. I argued that we wouldn’t be able to spice anything up if my cock was locked inside a cage, but she would hear none of that.

She told me that if I was wearing a male chastity cock cage all the time, when she finally released me from it I would be more interested in pleasing her. I was basically pushed into a corner to accept this and regretted that decision while we searched online for my device. Of course, once I got it on and wore it for a few days, I understood exactly what she was talking about and why she chose this method. It was absolutely amazing to see that it worked the exact way she felt it would.

So I have been wearing this male chastity cock cage for almost two years now, getting some time out of it here and there when I am good. I love the fact that I am so comfortable with wearing it and that my wife has been more attentive to me as well. I guess there really are some things in life that you just have to try out rather than judging them by what they make you think. This is one bedroom fetish that I am glad my wife forced me into and one that I look forward to living for a very long time.


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The Beauty of Wearing a Male Chastity Cock Cage


Wearing a male chastity cock cage for the first time is a bit strange for a lot of guys. The first time I ever snapped that lock into place, half of me felt like my life was just beginning and the other half thought that it was completely over. I found myself constantly trying to adjust it because it felt uncomfortable at first. Let me assure you that adjusting your cage while in public is not such an easy thing to do. But you do get used to it after a while if you wear it long enough without removing it.


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I purchased a basic beginner’s male chastity cock cage initially, and I think that was a good idea. I have moved on to more advanced options since then, but I know I couldn’t wear something like this right off the starting line. I could just imagine what I would have done if I had purchased the one that I am currently wearing and tried it on that day. I probably would have given up and moved on to something else in my life. In fact, I don’t even think I could have locked the thing in place before ripping it off.

Some guys love the advanced male chastity cock cage options while others prefer the simplicity of the basic designs. I am the type of guy that seems to fall in the middle of those two. I like something simple to use, but I want just a bit more out of my cage than the basic designs. If it’s too advanced, then I have a hard time getting accustomed to it, but I will still try. I have only had one cage that I couldn’t get comfortable with no matter how long I wore it and I stay away from designs like that now. With this lifestyle, you learn from experience.

Bringing True Focus to your Life with a Male Chastity Cock Cage


A good male chastity cock cage will enable to you to focus on the things in your life that you need to focus on and place your sexual urges in the background. That may seem like something you don’t want to happen, but it’s actually a good thing for most guys. I know I was constantly being distracted by my sexual urges and always ended up getting myself into some kind of trouble because of it. But since wearing my cage, I haven’t had to worry about my urges taking control of me anymore and the stress that I used to have is almost completely gone.

I only wish I would have known about wearing a male chastity cock cage when I was younger, but I probably couldn’t have been able to purchase it form a store back then. Now that I do know about them, though, I have been wearing one the entire time. I found them online once and purchased my cage the very same night. Amazingly, I felt absolutely comfortable the first time I strapped that little cage on and I haven’t looked back since. I do know that some guys aren’t comfortable with it the first time, but I guess I was lucky.

I would highly recommend wearing a male chastity cock cage if you are looking to have some interesting excitement in your life or you want to control certain aspects. Take the time to wear it for long moments as well. That is when you are going to find out why these items are so special to have on. Wearing it for an hour or two on the weekends won’t be nearly as interesting for you as wearing it for an entire week at a time without taking it off even once. I know it sounds funny, but you should definitely try it. You’ll see what I mean pretty quickly.


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Finding the Right Male Chastity Cock Cage for You

Finding the Right Male Chastity Cock Cage for You

Once you have chosen to become a part of the chaste community, the first order of business will be to find the right male chastity cock cage to suit your body and your lifestyle. For instance, if you are going to be serious about living a chaste life, you will most likely want to be able to wear a cock cage twenty four hours a day. That means you will need to learn how to wear it so that you can go anywhere without someone noticing you have the cage on. Obviously, you don’t want people at your job noticing that you’re walking funny and then commenting on it. It takes practice to be graceful while wearing one of these cages.

Now you should understand why it is so vital that you are able to find the perfect male chastity cock cage just for you. There are various sizes so that all cocks will be able to find a size that is comfortable and effective in keeping those random erections at bay. Size is the first thing that you need to insure is correct. You don’t want it falling off or being too tight. Next, you will need to select the style as in a cage or sleeve. These are both available in all sizes and it is just a personal preference as to which style you get.

Once you’ve decided on the size and style of your male chastity cock cage, the next thing to decide is the type of material that will work best for you. There are gold, silver and other metal cages and sleeves. You can even get a leather sheath that has metal points in it so that when you start to get an erection, they will dig into your cock and remind you that you haven’t been given permission to have that erection. At this stage, what you choose is totally up to you.


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