Introducing a Male Chastity Cock Cage to Your Partner

Male Chastity Cock Cage

Introducing a Male Chastity Cock Cage to Your Partner

Lots of men balk at a wearing a male chastity cock cage at first. Even more will refuse to even give one a try. They feel that it somehow strips away their masculinity because everyone knows that a man’s hard cock is only meant to offer a man pleasure. Now, if two men are together, you might think that would solve the problem of being a selfish lover. But suppose you have two men together and one is an adept lover while the other one has never been denied pleasure in his life. He’s also never learned the self-control that’s needed in sexual encounters. It’s hard to imagine that both of these men are going to get what they came for.

Now, if you have a partner that needs a male chastity cock cage, you’ll probably have to introduce it slowly because he’s probably not going to accept it at first. In fact, you’ll most likely have to make it a condition of the relationship staying in place. If he still refuses, then you may have to accept that he’s selfish and you can do better by letting him go unless you’re willing to spend a lifetime of dissatisfaction.


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